Green buildings

Buildings are responsible for 37% of global energy-related carbon emissions, which makes construction one of the largest contributing sectors to climate change. Most of us also spend a large part of our daily lives inside buildings, so they have an impact on our health and well-being as well. We supply a wide range of sustainable solutions that can help to reduce the environmental footprint – and increase the health benefits – of the built environment. As an industry leader committed to creating more green buildings, our product innovations can play a vital role in making cities and communities more sustainable.

Benefits of green buildings

Whether it’s in their design, construction or operation, “green” buildings reduce or eliminate negative impacts and can have a positive impact on our climate and natural environment. Green buildings have both commercial and sustainability benefits. They aim to reduce carbon emissions from the built environment, preserve precious natural resources and improve the quality of life for people who live and work in them. 

Creating transparency with EPDs

We use environmental product declarations to verify the environmental performance of many of our products.

Setting the standards

Our products and technologies can help projects to achieve globally recognized green building certification.

How we are making buildings greener around the globe?

Our products and expertise have contributed to numerous green building projects located all over the world. 

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