Green building projects around the world

Lakhta Center, St Petersburg, Russia

Standing 357 meters high, with 87 floors, the Lakhta Center has a LEED Platinum green label and won five prizes at the 2020 Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat Awards.

It features a double façade – which allows for both thermal insulation and natural ventilation – as well as infra-red radiators and sensors that automatically adjust interior lighting.

We supplied our Interpon D3020 powder coating for the tower itself, while Interpon D2525 was applied to the surrounding Lakhta Center buildings. The products were used to protect aluminum applications and metal panels.

1 Bligh Street, Sydney, Australia

At just under 139 meters, and with 28 floors, this office tower in Sydney has a 6 Star Green Star rating.

It features a hybrid tri-generation plant, a double-skin glazed façade, solar-powered cooling and rainwater recycling. Its elliptical shape also helps to minimize distances to vertical transportation and amenities.

Our International protective coatings were used on both the exterior and interior of the building. Intercure 99 – a single coat protective system with low VOCs – was used on the internal steel, while the external system features our Interzinc 52, Interplus 356 and Interfine 979 products.

Shanghai Tower, Shanghai, China

An impressive 632 meters high, with 128 floors, Shanghai Tower uses 43 different sustainable technologies – reflected in its LEED Platinum green label.

It has two layers of glass for insulation, a twist design to reduce wind load and aid water recycling, and uses wind turbines and solar panels for energy.

Around 200,000 liters of our protective coatings and intumescent fire protection products, including Interchar 1983, were used to provide fire protection for stair steel structures and the façade’s supporting steel structures.

30 Hudson Yards, New York, United States

One of the first buildings to be completed as part of this historic development, 30 Hudson Yards has 73 floors and is just over 387 meters high. It’s rated LEED Gold.

The building has organic waste collection, on-site energy generation, and delivers a 30% increase in energy efficiency, compared with the average New York City building. Its outdoor observation deck is also the highest in the western hemisphere.

Most of the exterior aluminum is coated with our Interpon D3000 Fluromax metallic powder coating, including the highly prominent first five stories. The remaining louvers and some of the ornamental metal were coated with our TRINAR liquid coating.

Hotel Jakarta, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

One of the first energy neutral hotels in the Netherlands, Hotel Jakarta has 200 rooms spread over nine floors and is rated BREEAM Excellent.

The building collects rainwater to spray its subtropical indoor garden, while solar cells are integrated into the glass façade to supply electricity and hot water.

The hotel’s structural laminated timber was produced using our GripPro Plus melamine adhesive. A key advantage of the product is that there’s no measurable difference in harmful emissions between the glued laminated timber and natural wood, since the adhesive contains almost no free formaldehyde.

Pearl River Tower, Guangzhou, China

Renowned for its sustainable design, the soaring Pearl River Tower has been awarded LEED-CS Platinum certification.

Its sculpted body directs wind to a pair of openings at its mechanical floors, where traveling winds push turbines that generate energy for the building. Other integrated sustainable elements include solar panels, a double-skin curtain wall, a chilled ceiling system, under-floor ventilation and daylight harvesting, all of which contribute to the building’s energy efficiency.

Specially chosen products, such as our Interpon powder coatings, also contribute to minimizing its environmental impact. Our products were used on the extrusions and curtain wall.

Varso Tower, Warsaw, Poland

Europe’s tallest building at 310 meters, the Varso Tower has been rated BREEAM Outstanding.

Its many features include LED lighting to maximize energy efficiency, rainwater harvesting for watering outdoor greenery and automatic shading and blinds.

The building’s sleek black exterior was created using our Interpon D2525 super-durable topcoat on the cladding and profiles in a striking Noir Sablé shade. Meanwhile, our Interpon Redox Plus primer provided a super tough core. The Interpon system will help the tower to withstand harsh conditions such as bright sunshine, fierce winds and driving rain.

Matrex, Moscow, Russia

This futuristic “pyramid” won a prestigious Architzer A+ Award from the global architectural community.

The unique structure is coated in Black Onyx from our Interpon D2525 Eco portfolio, a range of heat-reflective coatings which can bounce the sun’s rays back off the exterior of a building, helping to keep it cooler – which can make an important contribution to reducing the urban heat island effect.

Like most cities, Moscow is warming up much quicker than the surrounding land. The temperature increase in the city due to the urban heat island effect can be up to 2°C, which could cause a significant spike in dehydration or heat stroke for city dwellers.