AkzoNobel has developed a comprehensive policy on its way to world class sourcing with a focus on sustainability creation for both AkzoNobel and its key suppliers.


In order to achieve sustainable growth, it will be essential to build strong business relationships with the right suppliers of raw materials whose actual working practices should meet AkzoNobel’s requirements. This will provide a sound platform for business growth and development. To ensure measurable progress, we have created the following building blocks:

Vendor Policy Declaration

We ensure that suppliers endorse our environmental and social standards as formulated in our Code of Conduct by asking them to sign a Vendor Policy Declaration.

Progress can be found in the AkzoNobel report.

Supportive Supplier Visits

In a gradual process of building sustainable relationships with our key suppliers all AkzoNobel Businesses have established a program of on-site visits to their Critical Suppliers in emerging countries.

The objective of these “Supplier Support Visits” is to identify and nurture these critical suppliers as sustainable business partners. A comprehensive Vendor Checklist is used to find strengths and weaknesses in all sustainability areas.

Through a feed-back report and follow-up visits AkzoNobel works together with their suppliers on improvement of their sustainability. Details of this process are included in our Vendor Relationship Management Framework.

Progress can be found in the AkzoNobel report.

Key Supplier Management Program

As a next step, we have started a Key Supplier Management Program where we cooperate with suppliers to enhance Eco-premium Solutions for our customers. In the key supplier meetings we are looking for a mutual understanding. We need our suppliers to put effort in delivering innovations where we need them.

During the meetings we communicate our future needs to make sure we continue to align and improve the fit with our supplier. Our suppliers need to help us to become the winners of tomorrow and by doing so, so will they. It is not just about leveraging our big spend to get lower prices or an additional commission.

Sustainability Focus Area’s

Sustainability Focus Area’s have been defined for sourcing products or services that offer significant opportunity for reducing our ecological footprint. The Focus Area’s include Logistics & Travel, Waste Management, Packaging, Carbon Management, Renewable Raw Materials, ICT and Lease Cars.