Capable, engaged people

We're developing our employees, working with our suppliers and customers and forming partnerships to create more value from fewer resources.

Learning to be the best through workshops, role-playing, e-learning and take-home assignments, our salespeople learn to clearly communicate how a product can meet a customer’s needs. This program is driving up sales and supporting our people’s development.

This forms part of our learning and development platform and the AkzoNobel Academy. These initiatives give employees opportunities to develop as well as providing training on our core principles – safety, integrity and sustainability.

We also help our customers to make more sustainable choices. Our decorative paints websites offer advice and guidance to customers to help them reduce the impact of their project.

  • Infinite possibilities.
  • Supplier and customer engagement – engaging suppliers and customers in sustainability through long term partnerships.
  • Engaging employees – enriching the lives of our employees, equipping and inspiring them to drive a new wave of innovation.
  • Leading our industries – forming mutually beneficial partnerships with key stakeholders. For example, the Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition – working with 8 multinational companies to advance sustainable development in the Netherlands and across the world.
  • Inspiring innovation through partnerships – an effective way of accelerating the development of more sustainable technologies is to form partnerships designed to explore these alternative routes to resource efficiency. This exchange of knowledge and sharing of expertise not only establishes important relationships, but can often produce highly beneficial results.
  • Together for Sustainability (TfS) - TfS is an industry initiative to improve sustainability practices within the global supply chains of the chemical industry and implement effective, leading edge practices across the industry.