Resource Efficiency

We’re reducing our environmental footprint across the value chain and increasing our use of renewable materials to create more value from fewer resources.

Operational eco-efficiency program

How do we identify and embrace the opportunities to do things more efficiently? Our operational eco-efficiency program helps us use our knowledge and expertise to increase raw material efficiency, reduce consumption of energy, and decrease emissions and waste production.

Improvements include many small site contributions, upgrading existing processes, rationalization of the manufacturing footprint and application of the best available technology for new investments.

For example, achievements at a manufacturing site in Sweden have included annual savings of up to € 3.8 million and 11,650 ton CO2 by updating processes and changing behaviors. Meanwhile, in Barcelona, paint yields have been increased and water use has been reduced by reusing whites wash water in the next white batch. More

  • Infinite possibilities.
  • Putting more wind in our sails – we’re reducing our dependency on fossil fuels by investing in renewable energy.
  • Doing more with less (video) – in one year we sold 11,000 tons of paints and coatings that would have previously been waste thanks to the work of a dedicated taskforce.
  • Reducing waste – we are collaborating with our suppliers to reuse packaging wherever we can.
  • Paint that keeps you cool – for warm climates, we've developed exterior wall paints that reflect more infrared light, meaning less heat gets absorbed and so there’s less need for energy-expensive air conditioning inside.