Sustainable business

We’re developing more sustainable solutions and processes that create more value from fewer resources - for us, our customers, our suppliers and the whole value chain.

How we’re making roads safer

How can we protect roads and drivers in icy conditions? By making de-icing products that work better and are beneficial for the environment.

Ecosel AsphaltProtection is an additive for de-icing brine. It’s fully biodegradable and works by slowing down the freezing process – resulting in soft slushy ice rather than hard, abrasive ice.

One of the big benefits of Ecosel AsphaltProtection is that it reduces ravelling – the loss of surface material due to ice - by 50%. This means substantial maintenance savings, safer roads and less disruption. More

Infinite possibilities

  • Changing the world with pioneering technology – in 2014, our Performance Coatings business introduced pioneering coatings technology which could have a big impact on the paper cup industry. The breakthrough was achieved thanks to EvCote WaterBarrier 3000. When applied to paperboard used for the production of cold cup stock, it makes the world’s first fully compostable and recyclable cold paper cup a reality.
  • No job too big (video) – how do you help ships to use less fuel? You coat them with go-faster paint. 40,000 liters of Intersleek 900 were used on the 488-meter long underwater hull of the Prelude. This gives a smooth, low friction surface, stopping organisms from attaching to the hull and increasing efficiency.
  • The Ship Slime Busters (video) shows how we worked with university experts to develop Intersleek 900.
  • A different class of product – our crystal metallic UV topcoats contain zero VOCs and are non-flammable, so improve safety and air quality with a longer life than other products available.
  • Saving energy (video) – our ultra-reflective powder coating, can increase the effective output of commercial lighting fixtures by up to 30 percent.
  • Planet Possible Buildings and Infrastructure (pdf)