Meet Luciano Ruggi

Training Analyst works in Brazil

Luciano Ruggi has a deeply inquisitive nature and strong desire to help others. That’s what’s led him to bring his experience as a person with a disability to the digital transformation of the paints industry in Brazil.

As one of our colleagues living with a disability, Training Analyst Luciano Ruggi brings a unique and empathetic perspective to his work. Although his day-to-day doesn’t look much different than that of his colleagues, his desire to understand the distinct needs of others is an example of how our personal experiences can be a tremendous asset at work.

“I’m a very empathetic person and I want to help people out whenever possible,” says Luciano. “I’m very proactive and am constantly trying to understand our business priorities so I can do better every day.”


"One professional painter told us that due to our platform, he was able to maintain his level of work during the pandemic. This brings an amazing feeling that our work really is making a difference in someone's life."


Helpful digital platforms for painters and sellers

Working in São Paulo, Brazil, Luciano is responsible for the operational development of several digital platforms. These include Coral Academy, a platform offering distance education for painters and sellers in partner stores, and The Colored Pages, a platform that matches painters with consumers.

“With the Coral Academy, understanding the pains and needs of our clients helps us deliver relevant knowledge and professional development to painters and sellers,” says Luciano. “It makes me very proud that our online training gives all professional painters, regardless of region or skill level, access to professional development opportunities.”

He adds: “The Colored Pages gives service opportunities to professional painters even in times of crisis. One painter told us that due to this platform, he was able to maintain his level of work during the pandemic. This brings an amazing feeling that my work really is making a difference in someone's life.”


Working with a disability

“I feel very proud to work for a company that has collaborated in my development by supporting and giving me opportunities so I can deliver my best every day, regardless of my physical limitations,” says Luciano.

“Brazil’s Quota Law for Companies requires companies to hire at least 5% of employees with disabilities. This applies to me because I was born with a genetic malformation of muscles throughout the body that takes away my physical strength and prevents me from walking long distances or even standing for a long time. Despite having this condition, I have always felt welcomed and well-assisted by all my colleagues and the company.”


Let your interests be your guide

Luciano says that he’s migrated towards roles he found interesting ever since starting at AkzoNobel – and his disability has never held him back from doing so. “For two years, I was responsible for the onboarding process for new Decorative Paints employees. The only accommodation I had to make was conducting the onboarding from a high bench,” he says.

When Luciano was invited to work in Marketing, he was mentored by a highly qualified manager with more than 20 years of experience in products. In a similar way as before, he followed his professional interests to digital platforms where he is now part of the exciting digital transformation.

“Besides being given challenging opportunities as part of my development, I’ve always had managers and colleagues that shared their experiences, best practices and knowledge,” says Luciano. “I'm very grateful to everyone.”


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