Bonds and credit overview

Debt type Issuer Maturity Currency Amount ISIN code
2.625% EUR Bond Akzo Nobel N.V. 27/07/2022 EUR 750 XS0809847667
1.75% EUR Bond Akzo Nobel NV 7/11/2024 EUR 500 XS1134519120
1.125% EUR Bond Akzo Nobel NV 8/4/2026 EUR 500 XS1391625289
* 3mE+20

Standby facility

€1.8 billion syndicated revolving credit facility

Key terms and conditions

Borrower Akzo Nobel N.V.
Facility amount: €1.8 billion
Purpose: General corporate purposes
Maturity: 2022
Financial ratio covenants: None

In addition to the €1.8 billion syndicated revolving credit facility, AkzoNobel has a €1.5 and $3 billion commercial paper program in place, which can only be used to the extent that the equivalent portion of the revolving credit facility is not used.

Credit rating

AkzoNobel is committed to maintaining a strong investment grade rating. Regular review meetings are held between rating agencies and AkzoNobel senior management.

Rating agency Long-term rating Outlook
Moody's¹ Baa1 stable
Standard & Poor's² BBB+ stable
¹. Rating affirmed on January 29, 2019
². Rating affirmed on October 2, 2018

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