Bonds and credit overview

Debt type Issuer Maturity Currency Amount ISIN code
2.625% EUR Bond Akzo Nobel N.V. 27/07/2022 EUR 750 XS0809847667
1.75% EUR Bond Akzo Nobel NV 7/11/2024 EUR 500 XS1134519120
1.125% EUR Bond Akzo Nobel NV 8/4/2026 EUR 500 XS1391625289
1.625% EUR Bond Akzo Nobel NV 14/4/2030 EUR 750 XS2156598281
* 3mE+20

Standby facility

€1.3 billion syndicated revolving credit facility

Key terms and conditions

Borrower Akzo Nobel N.V.
Facility amount: €1.3 billion
Purpose: General corporate purposes
Maturity: 2025
Financial ratio covenants: None

In addition to the €1.3 billion syndicated revolving credit facility, AkzoNobel has a €1.5 and $3 billion commercial paper program in place, which can only be used to the extent that the equivalent portion of the revolving credit facility is not used.


EMTN prospectus [2017] PDF
EMTN prospectus [2018] PDF
EMTN prospectus [2019] PDF
EMTN prospectus [2020] PDF

Credit rating

AkzoNobel is committed to maintaining a strong investment grade rating. Regular review meetings are held between rating agencies and AkzoNobel senior management.

Rating agency Long-term rating Outlook
Moody's¹ Baa1 stable
Standard & Poor's² BBB+ stable
¹. Rating affirmed on December 19, 2019
². Rating affirmed on October 2, 2018

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