Beaming with pride

Celebrating LGBTI+ inclusion at AkzoNobel

We want employees to feel comfortable showing their true colors. So as part of a broadcast kicking off (virtual) Pride Month around the world, our CEO Thierry Vanlancker signed the Declaration of Amsterdam in support of LGBTI+ inclusion.

Signing the Declaration of Amsterdam is one way to show our commitment to creating an inclusive environment where everybody, including our LGBTI+ colleagues, are safe and can be who they are.

“I want everyone working at AkzoNobel to feel at home and to know that all of us deserve a workplace where you feel respected and are offered equal opportunities regardless of your sexual orientation, race, gender or nationality,” says Thierry Vanlancker, AkzoNobel CEO. “That’s why I’ve signed the Declaration of Amsterdam.”

Partners with Workplace Pride

The Declaration of Amsterdam, which you can download in full here, is organized by Workplace Pride. Because they are experts on the topic of LGBTI+ inclusion around the world, we’re working with them to identify barriers and find solutions that will make AkzoNobel an even better place to work.

This year we’re especially excited to be participating in Workplace Pride’s effort to create a global benchmark to measure the LGBTI+ inclusion practices of internationally active employers.

Showing our True Colors

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is part of our broader sustainability strategy called “People. Planet. Paint.” When it comes to people, how we treat all of our employees matters. That’s why we feel it’s important for us to take action to become an even more inclusive and diverse company.

To do that, we’ve promised to foster internal networks that will help to make sure our work environments are safe and welcoming for all our employees. One of those networks is True Colors, driving LGBTI+ inclusion at AkzoNobel.

If you’d like to learn more about True Colors, we invite you to read Niels den Heeten’s story.