Become an AkzoNobel supplier

AkzoNobel aims work together with suppliers as partners. We select high performing suppliers that deliver the best possible products and superior services that add real business value to AkzoNobel. We constantly monitor global and regional markets and evaluate new potential suppliers to find the most competitive in terms of quality, delivery, cost, innovation and sustainability.

AkzoNobel has high expectations of suppliers.

We require responsible business principles as outlined in our Business Code of Conduct and based on our values where customer success is key. Before applying, read our supplier requirements and terms and conditions of purchase.

Application process

After you’ve read our supplier expectations and filled out the “Potential Supplier Information Form” located below, the following process will take place:

If you pass the initial screening of potential suppliers, you will be contacted by AkzoNobel Purchasing to further evaluate whether your company profile corresponds to AkzoNobel requirements

If we have a need for sourcing materials or services that match your company capabilities, you will be requested to provide further information and go through our business partner screening process

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