Safety - Our core value

We care about the safety of our colleagues and everyone we deal with, and focus on people, product and process safety.

Our goal is to achieve zero injuries and serious incidents. We do this by applying consistent and leading standards in people, product and process safety. Whatever the context, we are committed to complying with safety-related laws, and we all play our part in the company’s safety performance. 

Important to know

- We follow the safety rules and procedures

- We follow the Life-Saving Rules

- We stop work if behavior or conditions are unsafe 

- We make and distribute products safely

- We report safety concerns immediately  

We are all responsible for health and safety. We are committed to running our operations safely, by providing the equipment, procedures and training to prevent injuries. Whether we are at work, visiting customers or traveling, we follow safety rules and procedures at all times. We report injuries and safety incidents to continuously improve our safety performance. 

Product safety covers regulatory compliance, protecting people from exposure to hazards and management of hazardous substances. We apply our expertise to responsibly manage the health, safety and environmental aspects of a product throughout its life-cycle. We label products properly and communicate product-handling requirements well, often over and above any legal requirements to do so. 

Process safety management is a systematic way to assess, manage and communicate the operational risks of injuries, waste or harm that may result from the work we do. This includes hazards associated with our research, manufacturing and transport activities. Safe methods of work are a license to operate. We follow local process safety procedures, and we identify and report any risks promptly, so that we can control the risks and continuously improve on our safety performance. 

We have defined eight Life-Saving Rules to protect us while carrying out work with a higher safety risk.

- Work with a valid work permit when required

- Use fall protection when working at height

- Obtain a permit for entry into a confined space

- Make sure moving machinery is guarded

- Check equipment is isolated before work begins

- Obtain authorization before disabling safety equipment

- Wear a seatbelt in motor vehicles when provided

- Do not use alcohol or drugs at work.

We support these Life-Saving Rules with our Golden Principle: We must always stop work if conditions or behavior are unsafe.

The Life-Saving Rules apply to us all. We apply zero tolerance to breaches of the Life-Saving Rules. 

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