poppy seeds in the color of the year palettes

Color of the Year 2023

Nature gives life to our Color of the Year 2023, Wild Wonder™. Its upbeat glow is inspired by the warm tones of harvest crops.

As people search for support, connection, inspiration and balance in the world today, they’re diving into the wonders of the natural world to find it. Color experts from our AkzoNobel Global Aesthetic Center, who are behind our extensive trend research, found hope at the heart of global social, design and consumer trends.

To reflect the mood of the moment in color, our color specialists invite top international design experts to come together in identifying global trends. According to our latest research, people are really re-evaluating their relationship with nature, discovering the natural environment as the source of everything in their lives.

Wild Wonder and its supporting palettes will bring a sense of energy and positivity into homes all over the world – do try this at home. We’ve gathered some ideas and inspiration to help you imagine an exciting new look.


One room, four ways

Wild Wonder™ helps us feel better in our homes by connecting us with the natural world. See how you can use the Color of the Year in your spaces and combine beautiful shades from our ready-made color palettes for a personalized look.

Lush Colors

The forest hues

This color palette is inspired by plant-filled habitats: gardens, forests and woodlands. It’s a soothing palette that gives a comforting, familiar and supportive feel.

Raw Colors

The harvest shades

Nature’s raw materials are the inspiration for this color palette. Reflecting the richness of natural resources and designs, the shades bring a sense of creativity and potential.

Buzz Colors

The meadow brights

This color palette is inspired by the bustling biodiversity of a wildflower field or grassland. The upbeat collection adds joy and harmony, celebrating what it means to work together.

Flow Colors

The seashore tones

Full of soft whites and light neutrals, this palette can create the perfect blank canvas. Fresh and unifying shades help make a home that’s ready for anything.

“Wild Wonder speaks to us in a language we instinctively understand. Nature is what inspires us and makes us feel better in our lives and in our homes. That’s why, for the first time in 20 years, our entire color palette is inspired by the rhythms of nature.”
- Heleen van Gent, Creative Director, AkzoNobel’s Aesthetic Center

Personalize your space

Our color experts have put together a few tips to show how easy it is to combine colors in different ways to create your own unique effect. Check out four different rooms decked out in our Buzz Colors palette.

Go graphic in the living room

Be bold in your living room by combining colors and playing with paint effects. Here, a circle painted in Wild Wonder adds a joyful, unexpected element against a soft pink wall. It feels warm and almost seems to glow. 

Create contrast in the bedroom

Get creative with a split wall feature. In this room set, a soft pink section defines the bed area, while the rest of the room is painted in Color of the Year 2023, Wild Wonder. It’s a combination that makes for a fun, warm and welcoming space. 

Bring sunshine into the kitchen

Inspired by the tones you’d find in a wildflower field, shades from the Buzz Colors palette feel comfortable together and are easy to layer. Here, a combination of Wild Wonder and rich yellow brings this kitchen to life.  

Add interest with color-blocking

It’s easy to make a statement with a simple color-block technique. In this workspace, the pastel pink staircase makes a subtle impact against walls and ceiling painted in the Color of the Year 2023, Wild Wonder. Coordinating furnishings and accessories in the same shade of pink add the perfect finishing touch.

Milestone year

Celebrating 30 years of color research and 20 years of ColourFutures

It’s been a colorful journey for our Global Aesthetic Center and its ColourFutures trend report. Responsible for trend analysis, color research, color design and art direction, the Global Aesthetic Center engages leading design professionals from all over the world in identifying the trends and capturing the mood of the moment. That research is translated into color, products and inspiring trend collections by each of our color-based business.

Not just for walls

Perfect finish industrial coatings

Color of the Year is the spark of inspiration that ignites a long-term design partnership with industrial coatings customers. On-trend colors, textures and special effects have been designed for many markets. Let’s work together to create the best finish for your products.

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