Don’t lose your cool

There are lots of cool cities around the world, but how do you keep a city cool? Not only do many of them have to cope with sizzling summer temperatures, they also have to withstand urban heat island effects and – in several regions – the growing impact of global warming.

For many homes and buildings, the answer is air conditioning, but this requires significant amounts of energy. For example, according to government figures, 34% of household power in Singapore is used for cooling interiors.

In an effort to find a helpful solution, our coatings scientists developed Weathershield KeepCool technology, which uses special pigments to reflect infrared heat – and keeps exterior walls cooler by up to 5°C.

When applied to the exterior façade of a house or building, the paint can help to reflect infrared heat, in turn reducing the amount of heat that’s transferred to indoor spaces. Which means interiors are kept cooler and less energy is required.  

Tests conducted by an independent consultancy in Singapore have shown that energy savings derived from reducing the exterior surface temperature by 5°C can be up to 10% per annum for a typical 15-storey building and 15% per year for an average house.

The innovative technology at the heart of the KeepCool range is typical of our People. Planet. Paint. approach to continuing to develop more eco-premium solutions that offer sustainability benefits to customers and the environment.

But the benefits of the product extend much further than a building’s exterior. They highlight our commitment to doing more with less and underline how sustainable solutions can help the world’s cities to cope with the current and future challenges of the 21st century.

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