Paint can – turn to stone

Stone is a key feature of architectural design. It’s also very much on trend, with many architects seeking out smooth and stunning stone exteriors to give their buildings a unique look.

There’s one drawback, however. Traditional core materials – such as glass reinforced concrete, pre-cast concrete and natural stone – are heavy, expensive and difficult to install. They can also deteriorate due to the weather and the environment.

Enter our Powder Coatings business. A range of Interpon D products has been developed which can deliver stunning aesthetics and the sought-after stone look – and is much more sustainable. So there’s no need to quarry huge chunks of rock from the landscape anymore.

In fact, Interpon’s stone effect series offers several important advantages. It’s durable, virtually maintenance free, is almost immune to weathering and saves money. In other words, it’s lighter, quicker, cheaper, easier to install and better for the environment.

Arial view of the Brentford FC stadium

It’s already been used in Whitechapel’s Silk District in London, UK. The buildings there are mainly constructed from brick and reconstituted stone. Our Interpon D stone effect powder coatings were applied to the exteriors to imitate the look of Portland stone, limestone and brickwork – helping to preserve the natural materials.

Other UK examples include the Brentford FC stadium and the 21 Strand Street residential development overlooking Liverpool’s iconic waterfront. 

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