Sustainable solutions

We work closely with customers to deliver products and solutions that help their businesses to become more sustainable, while delivering economic value to all parties in the value chain. By focusing on the benefits we can offer, we continue to have a major influence on the growing acceptance of more sustainable solutions in our various market segments. Our sustainable solutions have been defined into six chapters based on their sustainability benefits.

We believe in the power of paint and coatings to transform lives by uplifting communities, changing behavior and making living spaces more fun, livable and enjoyable. Through our “Let’s Colour” community transformation programs, we add color to people’s lives and aim to provide opportunities and environments for people in need to learn, grow and flourish.

Through our priority substance management embedded in our Sustainable Product Portfolio Assessment framework, we aim to reduce the use of harmful substances ahead of legislation and reducing health risks for users and end-users of our products. 

A great example is our chrome free primer Aerodur HS 2121 we developed for our customer Airbus providing numerous performance, appearance and application benefits. More information: AkzoNobel and Airbus making the aerospace industry more sustainable.

We also develop solutions that bring particular health & well-being advantages to our customers. As a member of the World Green Building Council, we’re driving the development of more healthy buildings where people live and work. We support this by developing solutions that bring health and well-being advantages to our customers – such as significantly improving indoor air quality, helping to keep surfaces hygienically clean and contributing through the use of color. Examples include our new Dulux Trade Airsure – 99,9% VOC free wall emulsion paints and our Dulux Better Living Air Clean capable of cleaning indoor air from certain harmful substances.

We teamed up with BioCote®, an antimicrobial specialist in Europe, to create Interpon AM. It reduces up to 99.99% of bacteria and mold on a protected surface, reducing the risk of cross contamination.

Because the majority part of our carbon footprint comes from Scope 3 in our value chain, we’re constantly developing new solutions to reduce the carbon in our products, including upstream improvements and helping customers to reduce energy consumption in our downstream applications.

Replacing fossil-based raw materials with bio-based or other renewable materials helps to reduce the embodied carbon in our products. By moving a significant part of our portfolio to water-based technology, we can also limit the use of solvents and therefore the carbon emitted from these products. 

With stronger requirements for low VOC containing products in our marine market we have launched in 2020 new low VOC, high solids, products including our Intergard 9700 ballast tank coating and the new Interthane 990E Polyurethane Finish.

There’s also been a growing focus from our customers to reduce their own carbon footprint. We can support them by offering solutions that help improve the energy efficiency of their manufacturing processes and end products.

We have launched new RUBBOL® 100% UV range from Sikkens Wood Coatings in the window market offering improved productivity and reduction in energy usage. More information: First 100% UV cured wood coatings open window of opportunity for AkzoNobel.

With the acquisition of Stahl Industries in 2020, we have enlarged our leading portfolio of energy saving low bake powder coatings offering energy savings and productivity improvements for our customers and opening new substrate applications for our powder coating technology. More information: AkzoNobel gains unique low cure technology with acquisition of Stahl’s powder activities.

Our Interpon D2525 Eco and KeepCool technology is capable to keep buildings cooler, which can make an important contribution to reducing the urban heat island effect.

Having set 2030 ambitions to reduce waste from our own operations, we’re striving to help reduce waste in our value chain through our product solutions. A key focus area is helping customers to reduce waste in their own processes. 

During 2020, we continued to further improve the sustainability profile of our Powder Coatings business by developing technology which incorporates a very high reclaim efficiency in the application process, heling to reduce application waste.

Through our Paint the Future ecosystem, we’ve entered into a partnership with Qlayers to develop automated spray application technology which reduces overspray for industrial coatings. More information: Automated printing head will change how industrial coatings are applied.

As part of our efforts to deal with resource scarcity, we continue to develop products that improve productivity, for example by using less raw materials. For some of our coatings customers, we’ve developed high solids products that require less packaging and are easier to transport. Our Intershield 300 is one of our high solid products. By using a high solid product, we can avoid the amount of packaging used, making it less waste to take care of.

In terms of our approach to circular solutions, we’ve set a 2025 ambition for all plastic packaging used by our Decorative Paints Europe business to contain at least 50% recycled content. This ambition will directly contribute to our “Planet” ambition of zero non-reusable waste by 2030. Progress is being made with the Acomix pack which our Decorative Paints business in Sweden has started to use and which is made of 100% recycled plastic and is completely recyclable. 

This year we launched the Sikkens Alpha Recycle Mat interior wall paint in Belgium, following on the first successful launch of the Dulux Evolve Matt in the UK, the first decorative paint made from 35% paint waste. Developed in partnership with Veolia, we’re able to create new paint from paint leftovers which would otherwise most likely be destined for landfill. More information: Unused paint gets new lease of life.

For many years we develop for our customers paints and coatings that help protect substrates longer against external impacts including usage impacts and weather conditions. This allows for customers to reduce costs, save resources, prolong maintenance cycles and keep objects, infrastructure and buildings more colorful. 

Some of our latest innovations in this field include our Sikkens Alpha Rezisto Mat which contains Stain Shield technology which makes it highly resistant to outer influences such as dirt, grease, liquids and stains. 

Our Interpon D X-Pro provides the best possible scratch resistance solution. Products coated with the innovative powder coating are less susceptible to abrasions during handling and transportation.

Another new development is our AWLGrip HDT polyurethane sprayable topcoat that provides both increased productivity and longer lasting performance on yachts.