Plan International Netherlands

With more than 80 years’ experience, Plan International Nederland is one of the world’s leading independent child and youth-focused organizations that strive for equal rights and opportunities for girls. Plan has offices across 53 countries in Africa, Middle East, Asia, and Latin-America.

Long-time partners

AkzoNobel – through its Education Fund – has been a partner of Plan International Nederland, a member of the Plan International network, for 25 years and counting. The Plan organization helps the company make decisions about which projects to support through the fund.

AkzoNobel established its Education Fund to offer aid to children in developing countries, mainly by providing financial assistance for educational projects and programs. The money comes from corporate funds, as well as employee donations and special fundraising events. More than 50 projects in South America, Africa, Middle East and South East Asia have been supported.

How does our partnership work?

One example of our work together can be seen in this video. Telling the stories of three young adults in China, Brazil and India, the film shows how education, training and skills development help young people around the world improve their job prospects and gain more control over their futures.

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