Societal programs in India show how much corporate social responsibility matters

We call our corporate social responsibility program “AkzoNobel Cares”. It’s easy to see why through the eyes of Parthasarathi Changdar, our CSR Manager in India. Caring about the people and communities around us is part of our DNA.

“I consider myself fortunate because my work enables me to do good for the people and communities around us,” says Parthasarathi Changdar. “I lead AkzoNobel India’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) portfolio. We work on skill development for young people, provide quality education to children and ensure access of specialized healthcare for underprivileged communities. These initiatives are all part of the company’s global AkzoNobel Cares program.”

As CSR Manager in India, Parthasarathi gets to see the real impact of these initiatives. “I’m very proud of our activities,” he says. “They’ve helped over 5,000 youth find employment in the painting sector. They’ve contributed to quality education for 5,000 children. And they’ve provided access to healthcare for more than one million people through tele-medicine. A key focus area for future programs is to break gender stereotypes and support diversity and inclusion.”

“During the national lockdown in India, people in the blue-collar workforce faced challenges getting regular work and income,” says Parthasarathi Changdar, our CSR Manager in Gurgaon. “There were concrete actions we could take on the ground to help save thousands of lives.”

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Food for more than 15,000 people

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PPE kits for frontline health workers

Access to healthcare via tele-medicine for one million people

Why should we engage in corporate social responsibility initiatives?

“Every day we’re working to find pioneering solutions to improve people’s lives in the communities in which we operate,” Parthasarathi explains. “Over the years, we’ve come up with many out-of-the-box solutions, contributing to our reputation as one of the most responsible corporates in India.”

“Sustainability is a way of life and should be part of our every day’s action. Real change happens as more people become aware of sustainability and take responsible action.”


AkzoNobel Cares in India and around the world

AkzoNobel Cares is our global corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, focused on inspiring, uplifting and renovating communities, as well as educating, mentoring and training future generations. It includes our Let’s Colour program and our partnerships with SOS Children’s Villages and PLAN International.

One recent example is our partnership with PLAN International which helped young girls in India – where nearly half of girls between the ages of 15 and 24 have no education or job – receive training in computer science through the Saksham program.

Parthasarathi looks forward to many more programs focused on breaking gender stereotypes and supporting diversity and inclusion.


People are an important part of sustainable business

AkzoNobel Cares is part of our overall approach to sustainable business as we strive to Paint the Future. People come first. It's about the well-being and development of our own people at AkzoNobel (like Parthasarathi and his team), respecting human rights around the world and reaching thousands of people through our AkzoNobel Cares societal program

Why corporate social responsibility matters

Ultimately, doing good for others is good for us too. “I strongly believe the world can be a better place if we’re sensitive to others’ needs and that’s always been my motto in life,” says Parthasarathi.

“As a parent, I try my best to educate my daughter about the society around us. Every year we celebrate her birthday in an education center for underprivileged children. This has helped her in developing a sense of responsibility and the understanding that as we help others and share our life’s joy, our happiness also increases.”

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