Our businesses

In Canada we serve three business segments: Automotive & Specialty Coatings, Industrial Coatings and Marine, Protective and Yacht Coatings.

Automotive and Specialty Coatings

Our Automotive and Specialty Coatings business is made up of Aerospace Coatings, Automotive OEM Coatings, Consumer Electronics Coatings, Vehicle Refinishes and Sign Finishes. We serve a variety of industries, delivering cutting-edge coatings solutions.

Automotive and Specialty Coatings’ wide-ranging product portfolio covers a broad spectrum of industries. We’re a major producer of coatings technology for the aviation and automotive industries, provide top quality coatings and services for collision repairers and commercial vehicle refinishers, and coat consumer electronics including home appliances, IT/computer devices and peripherals, and wireless appliances such as mobile phones and tablets. We focus on:

- Delivering coatings to meet the highest standards in new substrates and design

- Coatings of the future to support radar and connectivity technology innovations, such as advanced driver assistance (ADAS) and 5G

- Color accuracy, tools and design expertise aligned with changing color trends 

- Leading with technical support and service solutions

- Low-bake technology offering multi-drying opportunities and low VOC solutions

- Meeting the sustainability agenda driven by legislation: water-based, chrome-free, volatile organic compounds (VOC) legislation 

Industrial coatings

Our Industrial Coatings business includes Coil and Extrusion Coatings, Packaging Coatings, and Wood Finishes and Adhesives. It serves the consumer goods and buildings and infrastructure industries. 

Industrial Coatings’ broad product portfolio covers a wide range of industries. We help customers keep garage doors and building facades protected and beautiful, we keep drinks that are sold in cans safe, we make kitchens beautiful, protect wooden floors and hold wooden roof beams together.

Our products provide color and protection for countless applications.

- We supply a complete range of coil and extrusion solutions for the metal construction industry, including residential, agricultural and commercial applications

- We provide the packaging industry with coatings for beverage, food, closures and general line cans

- Our extensive range of industrial wood finishes beautify and protect, mainly serving the building products (windows, doors and cladding), flooring, cabinetry and furniture industries

- Our innovative industrial wood adhesives are supplied to the construction, flooring and furniture industries

Marine, Protective and Yacht coatings

Our Marine, Protective and Yacht Coatings business has been providing protection and beautifying our customers’ assets, both on and off the water, for almost 140 years.

Our leading brands International, Interlux and Awlgrip are known the world over for delivering state-of-the-art coatings solutions and services designed to deal with some of the harshest environments on earth. 

We coat everything from some of the world’s tallest and most sustainable buildings, to 120 ft. superyachts and liquified natural gas projects in some of the most remote areas of the planet.

Our International brand is one of the world leaders, not only in marine, but also in yacht and protective coatings. A brand synonymous with innovation and collaboration, it’s the preferred choice of industry leaders looking for excellence and expertise.

We deliver anti-corrosive protection, fouling control technologies, passive fire protection and aesthetic solutions, all supported by our high quality customer service and in-field support around the globe. Our technologically advanced International product range strives to satisfy our customers’ needs both now and in the future.

The International brand is the jewel in our crown. On sea or land, we’re powered by our passion for innovation and collaboration.

International reflects our endless curiosity and commitment to discover and envision advanced new coatings possibilities; delivering the products and solutions that drive our customers forward.

We also benefit from the advantages that come with being an AkzoNobel brand. We dedicate more people, technology and investment into our research and development programs than any other coatings manufacturer in the world.

Based on a deep understanding of our customers’ needs, we develop products and coatings solutions that protect and perform. We set ourselves horizon challenges and partner with the best – customers and expert collaborators.

We believe there’s a great future ahead for trusted coatings technologies that help our customers’ businesses to advance, as well as the world around us. We’re excited and committed to playing an important part in this evolution, championing and enabling progress now and in the future.


Our comprehensive range includes the Interpon brand and offers a sustainable option for protecting a wide variety of metal surfaces. A vast array of colors and finishes, based on the latest trend research, helps our customers make a strong statement.

You’d be amazed at some of the places you’d find our powder coatings. Landmarks including the Bird’s Nest Olympic Stadium in Beijing, the historic Hudson Yards development in New York, and the tallest tower in Europe, the Varso Tower in Warsaw, for example. Not to mention more unexpected locations, such as on gas pipelines running deep beneath the ground in Siberia.

But our products protect and decorate the everyday, too. We coat window and door frames, pipes, alloy wheels, car components, radiators, metal furniture, home appliances, shelves, barbecues, electric motors, batteries, valves…the list goes on.

As well as an incredible range of colors, Interpon powder coatings offer a choice of stunning finishes including gloss, matt, structured and metallic. In fact, whatever your coating requirements, we’re confident we can offer a first-class and sustainable alternative to liquid paint – supported by the outstanding levels of service you’d expect from a truly global brand.


The sustainable choice

We’re all aware of the need to make better choices to protect our world, and powder coatings have a clear advantage when it comes to sustainability.

They contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and have a small CO2 footprint. It makes them an attractive option for customers concerned with sustainability in their projects, such as architects and specifiers.

Consistency of finish, operational efficiency and price are often of greater concern to fabricators, but Power Coatings delivers on all three counts. The latest generation of our high-performance products protect architectural designs for up to 30 years and come with the performance warranties and industry certifications to match.

Finally, the ability of powder coatings to mimic and reflect the appearance of wood, metal or stone mean those precious natural resources aren’t necessary to achieve the desired effect.

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