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AkzoNobel Supports the Transportation Industry with Summer Travel

July 31, 2023

NASHVILLE, Tenn., July 31, 2023 — AkzoNobel (AKZA; AKZOY) supports the transportation industry with paints and coatings this summer. As millions vacation in North America, AkzoNobel is a part of the travel industry through its Aerospace, Powder and Yacht Coatings businesses. Tourists may visit popular locations coated with AkzoNobel’s products. These include the Brooklyn Bridge, Bay Bridge, Bellagio Hotel, Nationals Park, Orlando International Airport and the Hard Rock Casino’s guitar sign in Gary, Indiana. No matter where the journey leads, chances are one is only a few feet away from AkzoNobel products.

AkzoNobel’s Aerospace Coatings has a crucial role in innovation and sustainability as air travel increases. AkzoNobel’s Aerofleet Coatings Management system is a digital, data-driven service that helps airlines and other large operators tailor and optimize the coatings replacement and maintenance schedule for an individual aircraft. Even with technological advancements, airplanes tend to be taken out of service for maintenance every six or seven years without knowing if a repaint is needed. Aerofleet addresses this by capturing data from manual and drone-operated inspections and creating a database of every aircraft in a fleet. This technology makes it easier and more accurate to determine when an aircraft needs to be repainted rather than using time or flight hours.

Southwest Airlines® collaborated with AkzoNobel to celebrate its fourth anniversary of serving the Hawaiian Islands this year. The company brought color to the design that captured the Hawaiian cultural concept of Imua. The airline turned to AkzoNobel for its aerospace coating quality and expertise in emerging trends to bring it to life. The design used more than 90 gallons of paint and 16 different colors. AkzoNobel also provided a special color palette, as seen in this time-lapse video.

As drivers set out on summer road trips, AkzoNobel uses its Powder Coatings to provide protection. The company coats approximately 100 million new automotive wheels yearly with its Powder Coatings. AkzoNobel is now the sole supplier to Dicastal, which built its latest automotive wheel factory in Mexico and coats 3 million wheels annually. AkzoNobel also provides dielectric coatings for drivers who use electric vehicles that protect passengers from electrical currents in the battery and motor components.

For luxurious transportation, sailing cruises aboard the Aquidneck in Newport, Rhode Island, are often the highlight of a visit to Newport. Aquidneck is a beautiful and comfortable schooner for a relaxing sailing cruise. AkzoNobel used its Yacht Coating brands Awlgrip for the boat exterior and Interlux® on the bottom. Check out AkzoNobel’s marine protective and yacht coatings brands to turn heads on the water this summer!

John Griffin, North America Regional Director, stated: “As you travel to your favorite destination this summer, AkzoNobel will be a part of your journey. It may be your electric vehicle on a family road trip, the airplane you board or sailing on a cruise ship. AkzoNobel is there to bring the power of color to your summer travels with various innovative paints and coatings in North America.”

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AkzoNobel coatings protect the Hard Rock Cafe guitar in Gary, Indiana.

AkzoNobel coatings protect the Hard Rock Cafe guitar in Gary, Indiana.

AkzoNobel brings ImuaOne airplane to life for Southwest Airlines®

AkzoNobel brings ImuaOne airplane to life for Southwest Airlines®

The Schooner Aquidneck in Rhode Island.

The Schooner Aquidneck in Rhode Island.

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