media release

Keeping Passengers Safe

An Akzo Nobel coatings product is helping to keep commuters safe on the London Underground.

Commuters on the London Underground in the UK are traveling safely through Earl’s Court station after some significant help from an Akzo Nobel product.

The station is undergoing a major refurbishment program and while the work is being carried out, temporary timber is being used for shuttering, hoardings and high and low level walkways.

This timber has been treated with Crown Trade’s flame retardant Timonox system, which helps each piece to achieve a Class 0 rating and so comply with safety standards set by London Underground to prevent the spread of fire.

“It is absolutely vital that all softwood timber used in any station on the London Underground is fire protected to the specified standard,” explained David Farrow, managing director of D&D Construction (UK), who are the principal builders on the Earl’s Court project.

“Crown’s Timonox is an approved product and we requested to use it because not only is it a most effective fire protection for wood, but unlike most fire protection systems, it is also very easy to apply.”

The modernization project, which is scheduled for completion in the spring, aims to create better access to the station, with improved lighting, public address systems and better ticket buying facilities.

(Released: December 5, 2002)