Preserving the UK’s seaside heritage

It might be the support act, but our Flexcrete business is performing a crucial role in the redevelopment of Clacton Pier in Essex
When the owners of an historic UK pier needed expert help to refurbish its 2,500 reinforced concrete columns, they went straight to AkzoNobel’s Flexcrete business.

It’s all part of a huge £4 million makeover designed to restore 146-year-old Clacton Pier in Essex. The company is supplying four high performance products for the long-term project, which will take several years to complete.

“Flexcrete’s concrete repair materials are helping us to modernize and strengthen the pier and make the structure relevant to today’s leisure needs,” explained Billy Ball, Managing Director of the Clacton Pier Company.

The owners called on Flexcrete’s expertise due to the business’ long-standing record of providing effective and affordable materials for concrete repair and protection work in coastal areas.

Having remained untouched for almost a century, the pier’s concrete columns were starting to show signs of chloride attack from years of tidal salt-laden sea water. A dedicated Flexcrete specification for the structural renovation has now been developed which will provide much-needed reinforcement, protection and waterproofing.

Another benefit of Flexcrete’s technology is the sustainable nature of its portfolio. All materials are water-based and offer distinct advantages over solvent-based products. It means they can be applied in public areas or confined spaces with minimal disruption.

First opened to the public in 1871, Clacton Pier was originally used as landing point for goods and passengers, as well as a docking point for steamships. By 1893, the seaside town had become such a popular tourist destination that the pier was made almost three times longer, while entertainment facilities were also added.

The plans for the regenerated pier include a £500,000 indoor and outdoor adventure golf course, as well as a play area, dodgems and new food and drink facilities.

Based in Lancashire, Flexcrete is a leading manufacturer of technical mortars and high performance coatings. The business became part of AkzoNobel in 2017.

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