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AkzoNobel introduces Pevicoat Paint Management System for fast on-site service

August 01, 2018

To provide fast and flexible service to our customers in the pre-coated metal industry, AkzoNobel has introduced the Pevicoat® Paint Management System, which empowers customers to create coatings of any gloss or color on the spot.

To be competitive in today’s evolving market, pre-coated metal manufacturers must be capable of quickly producing to order. However, they face challenges when it comes to producing small and large batches of different coatings in a variety of colors. The Pevicoat system solves these challenges with a device placed beside the production line, which produces any coating necessary right away – saving both time and cost.

Using specially adapted technology to analyze color samples, the Pevicoat system quickly mixes pigmented pastes with a high degree of accuracy. In just two hours, the system can create a coating formula that can be tested in the laboratory or run on the production line.

“The Pevicoat system introduces a huge degree of flexibility for our customers. The coil coater will have a small paint factory right alongside their production line,” said Simon Parker, Managing Director of AkzoNobel Industrial Coatings. “This means they can quickly switch between different gloss levels and different colors. It also means they can be highly efficient because there is less waste on the line, a huge benefit for our customers."

Customers will now be able to choose what they prefer to take care of on location or leave in the care of AkzoNobel’s color and technical experts. The range of additional services offered by AkzoNobel includes creating fit-for-purpose colors that perform and protect, state-of-the-art color matching technology, as well as extensive technical support.

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