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AkzoNobel introduces trio of digital color matching tools for industrial markets

September 30, 2019

Customers who rely on super-accurate and effortless color matching and retrieval can now take advantage of three new digital tools for the industrial sector introduced by AkzoNobel.

They all work with the Salcomix system, an on-site facility which enables customers to mix paint on demand with superior color accuracy. The trio includes Salcomix PaintFinder Cloud (which provides remote access to more than 600,000 color formulations); the high-end Automatchic Vision measuring device; and the ColorFinder, a color-matching system which works via a dedicated app.

Already well established, Salcomix is designed for small and medium batch sizes and is used in a variety of industrial applications, including agriculture, construction, and earth-moving machinery and equipment.

“We’re excited to introduce these new digital tools, which will help to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the work done by customers,” explains Daniela Vlad, Managing Director of AkzoNobel Powder Coatings, which includes the Salcomix brand. “We put a lot of effort into improving our products, but we’re also focused on going beyond the coatings themselves when it comes to providing digital innovations that benefit our customers.”

Salcomix PaintFinder Cloud is based on an existing web-based solution used by other AkzoNobel businesses. Accessible from anywhere, it enables color formulations to be uploaded and accessed immediately.

“One of the many great things about Salcomix PaintFinder Cloud is that it’s fast, requires no local installation of software and is always up-to-date,” says Tomasz Kluczewski, Regional Commercial Director for Powder Coatings, North Europe. “So within minutes of us developing a new color formula in one product line, it’s already globally available for around 19 different Salcomix product lines. That’s the kind of service we’re looking to offer our customers by using the latest technology.”

Automatchic Vision is a premium hand-held device offering the highest standards in supremely accurate color matching. It’s particularly suited to creating special colors for designer furniture, vases, lamps, architectural facades and any application that requires high design standards.

The ColorFinder system is a smaller, hand-held device which scans colors wirelessly via Bluetooth and pairs with an iOS or Android device, enabling users to instantly search for the right color match.

“Efficiency, convenience and right-first-time color matching are vital in helping our customers to build a competitive advantage and improve speed of service,” continues Kluczewski, who adds that the initial launch is underway in Europe. “I’m sure these digital tools will help to make a difference.”

The Salcomix portfolio includes easy-to-apply topcoats and primers in a range of technologies for various substrates, including steel, aluminum, zinc and plastics.

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