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AkzoNobel readies Wizz Air’s 100th aircraft for takeoff

July 23, 2018

The sky’s the limit for passengers who travel with Wizz Air, as the value airline received their milestone 100th aircraft – coated with AkzoNobel’s high performing exterior topcoat systems.

The two companies have enjoyed a long partnership since 2003, when the airline was founded. Wizz Air specifies AkzoNobel coatings systems for new Airbus aircraft deliveries and for maintenance and repaint work. The latest generation and highly durable base coat clear coat system (Aerobase + Aviox Clearcoat UVR) is now keeping the aircraft in Wizz Air’s fleet sky-ready.

“We would like to congratulate Wizz Air on growing their fleet and achieving this milestone,” said John Griffin, Director of AkzoNobel’s Aerospace Coatings business. “We’ve built a strong relationship with the team at Wizz Air, and we feel proud that they see our products and services playing a part in their success. We look forward to what comes next.”

Added Wizz Air’s Acting Head of Corporate Communications, Sorina Ratz: “Reaching a fleet of 100 aircraft is a remarkable achievement for us and we are happy to have AkzoNobel as our long-term valued partner alongside. As we aim to double our fleet in the coming years, we are looking forward to our fruitful collaboration."

AkzoNobel has not only developed, but pioneered, many of the coatings technologies used in the modern aerospace industry. This includes waterborne coatings, base coat clear coat systems, high solids/low VOC coatings, selectively removable systems, special effects coatings, chrome-free systems and other innovative solutions.

The company’s recent acquisition of Disa Technology has also allowed AkzoNobel to expand its product portfolio to include film technology used on aircraft.

Wizz Air is the largest low cost carrier in Central and Eastern Europe and was named 2017 European Airline of the Year by Aviation 100, a renowned annual publication that recognizes the year’s most outstanding performers in the aerospace industry. To learn more about AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings, visit

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