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AkzoNobel adds colorful appeal to new exhibition at Van Gogh Museum

October 13, 2017

A dazzling exhibition of paintings at Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum which depicts Paris as seen through the eyes of eight Dutch artists has been designed with the help of AkzoNobel’s color expertise.

The Dutch in Paris 1789-1914 – which opens today – contains more than 120 works, including loans from museums and private collections around the world. The exhibition space was created by well-known designer Peter de Kimpe, who used a specially selected paint palette supplied by the company’s Sikkens brand.

Ruud Joosten, COO AkzoNobel (left) and Axel Rüger, Director of the Van Gogh Museum

“When painting an exhibition space with so many beautiful works, everything is about selecting the right colors,” explained De Kimpe. “The process of selecting a color scheme for an exhibition always starts with the works themselves. So we selected a special palette that really brings out the colors in the works created by the Dutch artists who are on display.”

As well as featuring works by Van Gogh himself, the exhibition also includes paintings by Van Spaendonck, Scheffer, Jongkind, Kaemmerer, Breitner, Van Dongen and Mondrian. The format – which shows their work for the first time alongside their French contemporaries – draws from the inspiration the Dutch artists found in Paris, their encounters with French artists and how these experiences impacted their art.

“Paris exercised a magical appeal to artists from all corners of the 19th century,” added Axel Rüger, Director of the Van Gogh Museum. “Dutch artists such as Jongkind, Breitner, Van Gogh, Van Dongen and Mondrian met Monet, Degas, Signac, Pissarro, Cézanne, Braque and Picasso. They inspired each other to develop new styles and techniques.

“The exhibition shows how this exchange took place and what its impact was on Dutch and French art. It was therefore important that we worked with someone who has the right expertise to really bring this exhibition to life and we are delighted to have partnered with AkzoNobel. ”

Commenting on the exhibition, Ruud Joosten, Chief Operating Officer of AkzoNobel’s Paints & Coatings business, said: “The Van Gogh Museum is a phenomenon worldwide and I am proud that our expertise in color is contributing to the new exhibition. Color is emotion and has the power to enrich the way you perceive art.”
The exhibition runs until January 7, 2018.

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