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Coatings Contract Clinched

A deal to supply the entire A.P Møller shipping fleet with more than a million liters of TBT-free antifoulings has been signed by Akzo Nobel's International Coatings business.

Akzo Nobel’s International Coatings business has clinched a deal with the A.P Møller Group to supply an estimated 1.2 millionliters of TBT-free Intersmooth® Ecoloflex SPC antifoulings.

The contract, which covers the entire A.P Møller shipping fleet, will run until the end of 2003 and includes antifouling supply for all drydockings, as well as newbuildings.

The deal comes just months before an International Maritime Organization ban is due to come into force which will outlaw the application of antifoulings containing TBT (Tributyltin) onto ships’ hulls.

“Having spent more than five years practically evaluating alternatives to TBT SPC-based antifoulings, the decision to use Intersmooth Ecoloflex SPC is an indication of the confidence in International’s premium, TBT-free antifouling technology,” said a spokesman for International Marine Coatings.

The TBT ban, which was proposed at the IMO Antifouling Systems Convention, also specifies a complete end to the presence of TBT antifoulings on vessels from January 2008.

(Released: September 3, 2002)