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Company Awarded Environmental Honor

Akzo Nobel was recently awarded the Dutch European Eco-label Encouragement Award by the independent Dutch environmental watchdog Stichting Milieukeur.

Accepting the quality award, Akzo Nobel CSR director, André Veneman, said that a conscious environmental policy was embedded in Akzo Nobel’s daily business processes.

"The sustainability of a product is important from the development stage right through until the final processing of waste," he continued. "The choice of raw materials, method of production, distribution, use and the actual waste processing of the product plays an important role in that.

“Incidentally, the European Eco-label is not new to Akzo Nobel. A number of coatings have had the label for some time now.”

Regien van der Sijp, director of Stichting Milieukeur, which represents the European Eco-label in the Netherlands, added: “The European Eco-label Encouragement Award is mainly intended to encourage Akzo Nobel to continue pushing the current environmental policy. Information from Stichting Milieukeur shows that Akzo Nobel operates in an environmentally-friendly fashion and is successfully working on a sustainable image.”

The European Eco-label was established by the European Union in 1992 to encourage environmentally-friendly products and services. The quality label demonstrates that quality and responsible business can fit. It was designed to offer consumers the ability to recognize environmentally-friendly products and to provide assurances of efficiency for these labeled products.

The label’s flower symbol is increasingly present on consumer goods, with all EU member states involved in the development of the label, which is recognized in all EU countries.

(Released: November 26, 2004)