media release

Education Fund Projects Announced

Three new projects have been announced by Akzo Nobel's Education Fund '94 which will help more than 1,000 children in three countries.

More than 1,000 children in China, Brazil and Vietnam are to benefit from the latest projects announced by Akzo Nobel’s Education Fund ‘94.

The fund was set up in 1994 to help fund special projects designed to encourage the education of young people in developing countries.

Supported by voluntary contributions from the company’s employees and a significant annual contribution from the Board of Management, more than 20 programs are currently ongoing which aim to assist deprived youngsters in their schooling.

These schemes target areas where educational facilities are seriously lacking. Equipment is barely usable and buildings are often run down and dilapidated.

The three new projects all involve the provision of new equipment and buildings which will help to improve both the teaching conditions and the quality of education.

Of the USD 118,000 which has been made available for the fiscal year 2002-2003, USD 60,000 is being spent on a scheme in China which will see two primary schools constructed, one in Zhongmouzhuang Village and one in Shaanxi Village. Nearly 450 children will benefit from the new facilities.

More than USD 33,000 is also being spent in Vietnam to help build a primary and basic secondary school and provide equipment in Quang Ngai. This will improve the schooling of more than 500 youngsters.

The third of the newly-announced trio of projects is located in Sao Luis, Brazil, where USD 25,000 will be made available to fund the construction of a pre-school which will be attended by 120 children up to six years old.

Supported by the expertise of Plan International—a charity which works with children to alleviate poverty—the Education Fund has helped to build schools and provide equipment for youngsters in a number of countries, including Indonesia, India and Ecuador.