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A Famous Victory For Coatings

Battling the elements is the only sort of conflict Britain’s most famous fighting ship—Nelson’s Victory—has to engage in these days.

But as the famous vessel prepares for the Battle of Trafalgar bicentennial celebrations, its extensive refurbishment program has found a strong ally in Akzo Nobel.

Built in 1778 and the oldest commissioned warship in the world, Victory is now a major tourist attraction and stands in dry dock at Portsmouth’s Royal Navy base in England, where products supplied by Decorative Coatings’ Woodcare business have been used on her for many years as part of a rolling maintenance program.

“In her heyday, cork and rope used with tar would have sealed Victory’s deck planking and other parts of the wooden structure,” explained joinery specification manager, Tony Alderson. “But being out of water an alternative was required and Sikkens Componex, a timber filling system, is the perfect answer.”

The Sikkens range of Rubbol opaques is also being used on the ship to help preserve its famous yellow and black checkered finish.

Victory entered the history books in 1805 when Nelson’s flagship led the rout of the combined French and Spanish fleets off Cape Trafalgar, Spain.

(Released: August 16, 2001)