A floating showcase for our color expertise

The last boat has come out of the Volvo Ocean Race Boatyard ahead of the start in October, when AkzoNobel’s color expertise will be showcased around the world.

All the boats competing in the forthcoming Volvo Ocean Race will be coated with AkzoNobel’s International® and Awlgrip range of products – but one boat in particular will catch the eye.  

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the team AkzoNobel boat features the most complex paint job and the most striking design, which makes it a floating showcase for the company’s color expertise.  

“All the boats look great, but team AkzoNobel will definitely stand out,” explained Gareth Thomas, Technical Support Manager for the company’s Specialty Coatings business. “It uses the most colors, six of which were custom made. I have to say it looks fantastic.”  

It took around two weeks to add the branding to the team AkzoNobel Volvo Ocean 65, but as with all the boats, it was challenging work.  

“Not only do the boats feature special effect metallic and pearlescent colors, but all the teams had very specific color requirements which had to be specially mixed,” continued Thomas. “So we decided to use a base coat/clear coat system which we have optimized for use in the marine environment. However, this type of technology is widely used across AkzoNobel in the aerospace and automotive industries, which helped us with the color-matching process.”  

Virtually every area of the competing boats features a coating supplied by AkzoNobel. As well as the more obvious and visible sections such as the hull and deck, the company’s products have also been used on the keel, mast, booms, cockpit sides, deck pedestals and interior (to name just a few).  

Once the race starts in October, the company will supply all the coatings required for repairs and maintenance at each of the stopovers. To ensure this process is as quick and effective as possible, AkzoNobel paint specialists will be on hand to offer technical advice and mix the custom colors as and when they are needed.  

“Being the official paint supplier to the Volvo Ocean Race Boatyard is a great example of how we are able to meet our customers’ requirements, no matter how demanding,” added Thomas.  “The race is the ultimate test of high performance and the perfect showcase for our market-leading products.”