Here comes the rain again

How we help people in Vietnam to cope with monsoon season

If DIY isn’t really your thing, the prospect of painting a wall inside your home might sound like a major undertaking. Spare a thought, then, for the millions of people living in Vietnam who have to waterproof their entire houses ahead of monsoon season.

The country’s weather is largely dictated by two seasons – the southwest monsoon from April to September and the northeast monsoon from October to late March or early April. Thus, it’s handy to know what steps can be taken to prevent the unremitting deluge from soaking your living space.

Fortunately, our local Dulux experts are on hand to offer some important tips and advice and help people to resist the unrelenting rainfall.

The most obvious first option is to apply waterproof paint. However, in order to ensure optimal protection, it’s better to combine the use of paint with waterproofing agents. This usually involves applying the agent to the exterior first, as it helps the paint to maintain its color and keeps it from peeling off the wall.

Breakthrough technology

One of the most effective products is our breakthrough technology, Dulux WeatherShield Powerflexx. It offers an elastic and super-protective coat which covers hairline cracks and prevents water from penetrating into houses. We also offer a new waterproof solution for floors, Dulux Aquatech Max, which boasts outstanding hydro-resist technology.

However, before work can start, the surface needs a good clean first, so any mold, moss, grease or weathered cement mortar has to be removed. Two or three coats of the waterproofing agent are then applied (leaving six to eight hours between applications). The paint can then be applied after the final coat dries.

Things get even more complicated if homes need to be repaired after the rains have come – because it can disrupt the drying process and allow water to quickly penetrate into the wall. It’s also important to use exactly the right tools when cleaning the exterior walls, otherwise the waterproofing might not be as effective.

Just painting a single wall inside your house probably doesn’t sound quite so daunting now, does it?

It’s clear then, that waterproofing your home is highly skilled work, and in order to ensure optimal quality, our Dulux brand in Vietnam trains its contractors. They have to undergo training courses and take exams in paints, colors and application methods in specific conditions before being officially allowed to instruct their customers.

Recently, Dulux's contractors also underwent a special program to update their knowledge and skills relating to waterproofing products. These courses are organized entirely online.

So next time you look out of your window and notice that it’s chucking it down, spare a thought for everyone who has to throw a protective layer around their home. There is some good news, though. We’ve got a paint for that!