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New Paint System Awarded Rare Recommendation

Three new Sikkens car refinish paints have received worldwide authorization from the Toyota Motor Corporation.

All three of Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes’ new Sikkens Plus® paint products have been authorized by the Toyota Motor Corporation after fulfilling the company’s strict New Product Application Standard.

The endorsement—for Autocryl Plus, Autobase Plus and Autoclear Plus—applies to all of Toyota’s dealers worldwide and represents a rare move for the motor manufacturer, because in order to achieve such approval, a new product must be proven to be 20 percent better than its predecessor.

“It is exceptionally rare for Toyota to award such a high recommendation to a new paint product,” explained Reizo Yatsushiro, Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes’ Automotive Aftermarket Manager Asia Pacific.

“Stringent tests were carried out under Toyota supervision at both our R&D center in the Netherlands and Toyota’s technical center in Nagoya.”

The Sikkens Plus range has been developed using new super-dispersant technology to create a product that is not only easier to use, but one that requires significantly less material to achieve complete coverage.

Added Yatsushiro: “We are very pleased that Toyota has recognized the Sikkens Plus range in this way and look forward to helping Toyota further develop its bodyshop program worldwide.”

Released: (February 7, 2003)