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New Sikkens Clearcoat

Akzo Nobel has developed a new high gloss clearcoat for the motor repair industry.

Sikkens Autoclear LV Ultra has been designed for use over the new Sikkens waterborne basecoat, New Autowave.

Specially developed for repairs that require a clearcoat with a very high gloss, it complements Akzo Nobel’s fast-drying clearcoat, Sikkens Autoclear LV Ultra Fast, which dries in just under 15 minutes at 60 degrees C.

The new Sikkens Autoclear LV Ultra dries in 35 minutes and uses the same hardener as the Ultra Fast product. This means that the Sikkens System gives bodyshops ultra fast drying and ultra high gloss from a limited number of products.

Sikkens Autowave is the industry’s newest and most advanced waterborne system. It is a complete EPA compliant refinishing system comprising Colorscala color documentation, Colorbuild colored primer, New Autowave basecoat and Autoclear LV Ultra and Ultra Fast clearcoats.

For further information, contact Sikkens Customer Support on +44 990 143 540.

(Released: February 9, 2001).

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