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New Trailer Helps to Reduce Emissions

A new transport solution has been introduced by Akzo Nobel’s Industrial Products business which helps to reduce emissions.

The business (which trades as Casco Products) has started using a custom-built combi-trailer for deliveries of powder raw materials to its Kristinehamn plant in Sweden.

Once the trailer has delivered its cargo to the site, adhesives are loaded into separate compartments for delivery to customers located within a reasonable distance. Until now, powder and liquid adhesives have been shipped in separate trucks.

One problem with bulk deliveries by road is that it is often hard to organize a return cargo. This means that the proportion of what is called “empty running” of vehicles increases, resulting in more emissions and worse economy.

But with this new solution, the amount of what’s known as “filling ratio” is extremely high, resulting in lower emissions per transported ton compared with a conventional solution.

(Released: October 14, 2003)

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