Nuts about color

Peanuts artist Vicki Scott has designed a wall mural (applied with our Sikkens paint) which she recently unveiled in Germany ahead of this weekend’s Comiciade comic convention in Aachen. We caught up with Vicki ahead of the AkzoNobel-sponsored event to talk about color, cities and the enduring popularity of Snoopy and co.

What role can color and art play in urban environments?

I think about this question a lot. I think color and art can bring a lot of joy to an area. It can also be very orienting to people. I lived in a complex where all the buildings were exactly the same and exactly the same color. Children were lost all the time. We were looking at balconies for whose bikes were there because we just couldn’t tell the buildings apart. Color is very important just to keep us aware of where we are on the planet. And I think that color and art will play more and more of a role in the future.

Do you think cities in general lack color?

Some do, especially the newer ones. The town I was living in was only 25 years old. It was a brand new community and they wanted everything to look exactly the same. They even had zoning rules for the colors of your house, and there were only two options. I would say that there is more color in European towns and that’s nice to see.

What can be done to make urban environments more inspirational?

I think color is the perfect place to start because it’s easy to do. It’s easy to add paint to the side of a house, and it looks beautiful. I also love when they add sculpture or tile mosaics over the wall.

What’s the most important message you try to get across to people when you hold drawing workshops?

Drawing isn’t scary. It’s easy and people can do it. It’s actually something they can learn. It takes some talent, but not nearly as much as they would expect. Drawing is for everyone, and everyone can draw.

How has the art world changed since you started your career?

Everything’s gone digital and there’s a lot to learn. But I still draw with paper and pencil.

Why do you think that the characters from Peanuts have endured?

People can find at least one character to relate to. I think they have been written very realistically, so people relate to them.

Which peanuts character do you identify with the most?

My husband might say Lucy, but I would say Linus!

What do you want people to think and feel when they see the design you have created for the building in Germany?

I hope they’re happy. I hope it reminds people of when they used to read Peanuts.