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Pasadena Site Sets Standard

An Akzo Nobel Chemicals plant located in Texas, USA, has been awarded ISO 9001:2000 certification.

The standard has been achieved by the Akzo Nobel Catalysts LLC site in Pasadena, Texas. A wholly owned subsidiary of Akzo Nobel Chemicals, the facility supplies top performance catalysts, technologies and related services to the oil refining and petrochemical industry.

The new quality management system standard is a revision of the previous standard (ISO 9000) in that it now promotes the adoption of a process approach within an organization. One of the most significant changes is that it places greater focus on customer satisfaction.

The successful implementation of the new standard in Pasadena was achieved through the involvement of all levels of management and staff, focusing actions on creating systems and operational procedures to better service customers and strive for continual operational improvements.

(Released: September 24, 2001)


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