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Ray of Hope For Pupils

Akzo Nobel employees in China have helped to change the lives of schoolchildren living in one of the country's poorest regions.

Instead of celebrating the Lunar New Year with a traditional staff party, they decided to use the money to support a worthy cause instead.

So, with the help of aid organization Project Hope, the funds were donated to a dilapidated primary school in Li Xin County to help pay for a much-needed new building.

The employees were able to see the results of their generosity recently during a special inauguration ceremony, which was attended by staff and pupils. “It was a day of great festivity,” said Charlotte Seiero, the wife of International Paint Shanghai general manager, Jorn Seiero.

Li Xin County is located in Anhui province, which is one of the poorest provinces in China. As a result, the local school had fallen into a dreadful state of disrepair.

These ramshackle structures have now been replaced by the new school building, which is far more capable of serving the needs of its 350 pupils.

Added Mrs Seiero: “It was the employees’ unselfishness and concern for the less privileged which made this fairytale come true.”

(Released: September 16, 2003)

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