Rediset paves the way

US airport benefits from our asphalt technology

We’ve long supplied products and technology for aircraft. But did you know our products are also used to build airport taxiways?

Reducing the impact of road construction

Think of asphalt and you immediately conjure up an image of a road. But our Asphalt Applications business also caters for other modes of transport.

One of their most recent high profile projects involved paving five new taxiways at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport – one of the world’s largest and busiest.

As part of O’Hare’s major modernization program, we supplied a product known as Rediset LQ liquid asphalt. It’s a warm-mix additive that not only allows the processing of asphalt mixes at lower temperatures. It’s also good for the environment.


Less emissions

The inclusion of Rediset LQ in the asphalt mix helped reduce mix-production temperatures to 270ºF – a reduction of 40-50ºF over traditional hot mix – which significantly cut carbon dioxide emissions, as well as fuel costs.

Better conditions

In addition, the paving temperature was reduced to 260ºF – a reduction of 40-60ºF over hot-mix paving. This greatly diminished the smoke, fumes and odor that typically result from laying down hot-mix asphalt, thereby providing a better working environment for the paving crews.

During the course of the modernization, around 70,000 tons of warm-mix asphalt with Rediset LQ was laid, creating five new taxiways that now accommodate the taxiing and parking of newer and larger aircraft at O’Hare, particularly cargo planes.

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