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Resins Acquisition

Akzo Nobel Resins have signed an agreement regarding the acquisition of Solutia’s printing ink resins activities (formerly Vianova).

The deal involves the immediate integration of the business into Akzo Nobel Resins and follows a number of similar acquisitions in Argentina (Ascona) and Portugal (Nares), which were both finalized last year.

“This underscores our commitment to the printing ink resins business globally, further expands our product portfolio and strengthens our activities in terms of technology and product innovation,” commented Jo Lennartz, Akzo Nobel Resins general manager.

The acquired Solutia product range includes rosin resins, hybrid resins and other products such as UV curing resins, alkyds, acrylics and toner resins for the graphic arts industry.

(Released: August 20, 2001)

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