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Salt Adds Spice to Unusual Exhibit

A "river of time" is being created at a gallery in Sweden with the help of Akzo Nobel’s Salt business.

Exsaltorium is a “living” exhibit on show at The House of Sculpture in Stockholm which will eventually use more than two tons of the company’s JOZO® table salt.

Created by artist Lovisa Johansson, the huge artwork is slowly raining a flow of salt onto a large exhibition space which forms different sculptures and transforms itself over time.

Huge Plexiglas containers have been hung from the ceiling and the salt filters through holes in the bottom onto transparent containers situated on the floor which spread the salt in wide circles.

“As visitors walk through the salt they leave footprints which, over time, will be hidden by a fresh fall of salt,” explained Johansson. “So there is one movement independent of man, but on the other hand, the movement of every single human being influences the overall movement of the exhibit.

“What that means is the gravitation, the element of chance and the footprints of the visitors are all co-creators of the white, salty landscape.”

The unusual sculpture also has another link with Akzo Nobel. The gallery where it is being displayed was once an Alfred Nobel factory, built in 1891. Exsaltorium can be viewed at the venue until March 20.

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