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Salt Plant Breaks Production Record

Akzo Nobel’s Salt plant in Delfzijl, the Netherlands, set a new production record during 2004, breaking the previous landmark set in 1995.

The facility produced nearly 2.2 million tons of salt, breaking the previous record set in 1995. The main reasons for the record-breaking year were the continued optimization of equipment and the increased demand for industrial salt.

If the total amount of salt produced at the plant during 2004 was loaded onto lorries, the queue of vehicles would stretch for 700 kilometers.

Delfzil produces industrial salt which is mainly used in the chlorine industry. One of the main customers is the Chemical Park in Delfzijl, where it is used to make soda and chlorine. Salt is also exported to Germany, Scandinavia and the United States.

Akzo Nobel began producing salt in Delfzijl in 1959, when the production capacity was around 400,000 tons a year. Since then, the site has produced a total of around 65 million tons.

(Released: January 14, 2005)

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