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Space Age Truckers

A futuristic truck which stole the show at a recent German trade fair was coated with products supplied by Akzo Nobel.

Tanker trucks are not usually the last thing in style, so when visitors at a recent commercial vehicle fair in Hanover, Germany, caught a first glimpse of renowned German-born designer Luigi Colani’s latest trucking creation, eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

Colani’s futuristic looking vehicle not only stole the show in terms of design, initial road tests have shown it to be far more economical than the cumbersome, rectangular gas-guzzling behemoths that thunder up and down Europe’s highways every day.

The good news for Akzo Nobel was that its Sikkens brand was also able to bask in the praise poured upon Colani’s vision of the future—it supplied both the primer and the topcoat for the glass-fiber truck.

Leading the scrum to view the space age creation was an enthusiastic press corps along with thousands of visitors, who all gave the vehicle’s amazing aerodynamic design and state-of-the art technology chutzpah a resounding thumbs up.

(Released: January 23, 2003)

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