Spheres of influence

Our Expancel Microspheres are essential for daily life

Hidden away inside a host of everyday objects is an unsung hero of the chemical world. They might be small, but our Expancel Microspheres have got big ideas.

Expancel continues to expand

They’ve been around for 35 years and chances are you’ve never heard of them. But you’ve definitely benefited from their many wonderful properties.

Welcome to the world of expandable microspheres. They are small, spherical particles that consist of a plastic shell encapsulating a gas. When heated, they expand dramatically (up to 40 times their volume) and can change the properties of the product they’re used in – making it lighter, softer or more durable.

They are most commonly used as lightweight fillers or blowing agents. In fact, depending on the variant, this multi-performance additive can transform different materials in a variety of ways, according to the need.


As a result, they have a myriad of uses. For example, they make shoes more comfortable to wear and reduce the weight of plastic components. They’re also used in car manufacture, artificial marble, wallpaper and bottle corks, just to mention a few.

They work so well because each one is a closed cell, so they don’t absorb moisture and contain their gases as they expand through heat – which is what makes them grow in size and provides the volumizing effect. And they don’t break when squeezed, they just bounce right back into shape.


We are continuously developing new areas of application and believe that imagination is the only limit for our microspheres. From the soles of your feet to your favorite bottle of wine, Expancel Microspheres are an essential part of your everyday life.

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