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Striking Bridge Coated by Akzo Nobel

A distinctive bridge in one of Australia’s biggest cities has been coated with products supplied by Akzo Nobel.

The disused Webb Dock Rail Bridge in Melbourne was recently converted for pedestrian use as part of a major dockland redevelopment.

Now one of the area’s defining attractions, the bridge—which was closed in 1996 following ten years in service—has been brought back to life with the help of the company’s International Protective Coatings business.

“The bridge needed a coating system which would be suitable for the environment of the river and its intended use, but it also needed to satisfy the visionary aesthetics for the bridge,” explained John Whitehead, manager of Geelong Fabrications, the main fabricator and applicator for the project.

“We chose to use International Protective Coatings as they are a worldwide brand with a proven track record in coating high value infrastructures and bridges.”

The system used on the bridge—which stretches 110 meters across the Yarra River—included Intercure®, Interzinc® and Interthane® products.

(Released: August 9, 2005)

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