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Transportation Award For Chemicals Businesses

Akzo Nobel’s Chemicals group in the USA has been recognized for its safe transportation of hazardous material.

For the sixth successive year, both Akzo Nobel Chemicals Inc and Eka Chemicals Inc—the company’s Pulp and Paper Chemicals business—have been honored by the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company (BNSF).

They were presented with BNSF’s Annual Product Stewardship Award, which honors shippers for their safe transportation of hazardous materials by rail.

The award was recently handed out to companies who successfully transported a minimum of 500 loaded tankcars of hazardous materials during the 2002 calendar year, and who worked with their customers to ensure that no non-accident releases occurred during the entire transportation cycle.

A total of 46 companies received the award this year, with both Akzo Nobel Chemicals Inc and Eka Chemicals Inc among the eight who have been honored for each of the last six years.

(Released: April 22, 2003)

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