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Why Green Is All the Rage

If you’re having trouble selling your house then new research conducted by one of Akzo Nobel’s UK paint brands might have unlocked the answer.

According to a study carried out by Sandtex® exterior paints, the key to a quick house sale is having a green front door.

Green is now the UK’s best-selling front door color and with house sellers fast recognizing the value of first impressions, green front doors are proving to be all the rage.

“Those who approach a green front door are being unconsciously welcomed,” says color expert Philippa Merivale. “Of all the spectrum colors, green is the most generous and symbolizes sharing.

“Green has long been associated with the heart and a green front door symbolizes a loving home which also combines the peace and tranquility of nature.”

Adds Susan Wong from Sandtex: “The front door is traditionally the eye to the home and it gives the outside world an insight into your life. Prospective purchasers have to be able to relate to this and want to learn more.”

With estate agents reporting an increase in drive-bys by prospective buyers, it means that having the right door color could be even more important if you’re trying to sell your house.

The Sandtex range includes a one coat gloss for all exterior wood and metal surfaces—available in 16 shades—which is ideal for front doors, windows, gates and drainpipes.

Other key pointers from Sandtex on how to improve your home’s kerb-appeal include cleaning up the rest of the paint work at the front of your home, checking the gutters for leaks, cleaning the windows and clearing away clutter.

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