Winning locally with strong brands

Ruud Joosten, COO of AkzoNobel Paints and Coatings, highlights the company’s ongoing success in Asia

Looking back on the first quarter of the year, I’m proud to say our passion for paint is delivering innovative products that are really resonating with consumers. Recent examples include launches in South East and South Asia, helping to build on our existing portfolio of strong brands.
We’re making particular progress in Pakistan, where we have a long history. The economy is growing there and it’s an important market for us. With the recent launch of Dulux Promise – a complete range of interior and exterior products – we aim to continue winning hearts and homes in Pakistan.

Dulux Promise is our first entry into the country’s mass market paints segment, so making sure we connect with consumers has been foremost in our minds. Having already proved to be successful in other parts of Asia, it is helping the business to drive volume. In fact, it has just enjoyed the most successful launch month for any of our products in recent history.

Winning locally with strong brands

There’s been further activity in Pakistan as well. Building on the connection we have with the local market, we introduced “Favorite Colors of Pakistan”, a color concept designed to support our topcoat range. Spread across nine color families, this initiative highlights Pakistan’s favorite interior and exterior colors. Tapping into the local sense of taste, it’s making it easier for people to find just the right color.

Another exciting launch in South East Asia was a series of innovative paint products with smart functionality. That’s right, paint can be smart.

One example of this is an upgrade of the Dulux Weathershield range – specialist paint for exterior masonry. It features Smart Release Technology to protect homes and buildings with long-lasting protection against algae and fungus. The product works by continuously releasing protective microparticles into the paint surface, preventing growth and preserving surface quality so the paint job lasts and looks better for longer.

Our Weathershield range also provides long-lasting protection against harsh weather conditions. Incorporating KeepCool Technology, it reflects heat from sunlight to reduce exterior wall surface temperatures by up to 5°C. In countries where temperatures can soar above 40°, thick-walled buildings heat up like ovens, which means air conditioners have to work overtime. This is where our innovative products can really make a difference, helping to reduce both heat absorption and energy consumption, and ultimately saving people money.

So far, we’ve introduced Dulux Weathershield SunReflect exterior paint in India and Dulux Weathershield KeepCool exterior paint in Singapore and Malaysia. Tests have proven that the new paints reflect up to 90% more infrared radiation than comparable exterior paints. What’s more, SunReflect Technology was found to result in energy savings of 10% (based on a typical 15-storey building) and 15% (based on a typical bungalow). You can learn more about this technology here.

I feel proud that our customers in South East and South Asia can rely on products specially developed with benefits relevant to them. These recent launches have been one of the highlights of the first quarter in 2018, partly because they highlight exciting new technology in the world of paint. But also because they have built on the strength of our brands in local markets. It’s a winning formula to inspire our thinking around future product launches.