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World First For Chemicals Group

Akzo Nobel has become the first company in the world to issue approved Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for its chemical products.

The documents contain approved and comparable information on the total environmental impact of a certain product from cradle to grave and both the company’s Pulp & Paper Chemicals (which trades as Eka Chemicals) and Surface Chemistry businesses can now offer them to customers.

The first products that have been approved are sodium chlorate and hydrogen peroxide produced by Eka Chemicals and methyl cellulose (MEHEC) produced by Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry.

Put simply, an EPD is a certified information sheet providing customers and other interested parties with information on the total environmental impact of a certain product, based on a total life-cycle assessment.

The EPD system complies with the international future standard ISO 14025, which is in use in the EU. The work has also been conducted within the Responsible Care framework and is in accordance with the industry’s ambition to assume full responsibility for its products as part of the Product Stewardship concept.

Indeed, an EPD provides the end user with more complete environmental information than MSDS, the safety data information sheets that chemical suppliers are obliged to provide to their customers by law.

(Released: April 15, 2003)

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