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AkzoNobel’s coatings technology revives McLaren F1 team’s racing heritage

February 23, 2018

Fans of Formula 1 are revving up with excitement after the McLaren Formula 1 team today unveiled its racing livery for the 2018 season, which was created using the latest superior coatings technology supplied by AkzoNobel.

The new MCL33’s eye-catching primary color, Papaya Spark – first seen today during the team’s official launch in Navarra, Spain – was developed in collaboration with McLaren. Reflective of McLaren’s racing heritage, Burton Blue and Cerulean Blue also feature on the new F1 car. McLaren first used Papaya in 1968 – the decision of founder Bruce McLaren.

“Today’s reveal is another milestone in our commitment to delivering cutting-edge innovation,” said Peter Tomlinson, Director of AkzoNobel’s Automotive and Specialty Coatings business. “It’s fantastic to work together with a partner like McLaren, who we are proud to have partnered with for ten years in our shared passion for technology and high performance.”

The McLaren team relies on AkzoNobel’s coatings technology to provide color, protection and performance – all essential elements for F1 racing. The innovative coating systems supplied by the company have enabled the McLaren Formula 1 team to significantly reduce the total weight of paint and decrease processing time by more than 50%.

“Working together with AkzoNobel is an example of how a long-term partnership can continue to challenge and inspire engineers and scientists,” commented Jonathan Neale, Chief Operating Officer, McLaren Technology Group. “The technical developments AkzoNobel has delivered this year will be key to our competitive position on track. Co-innovating on projects over the winter has resulted in significant weight and time-savings and a water-based, more sustainable livery.”

Added Neale: “We are constantly chasing marginal gains. From working together with AkzoNobel for ten years now, we have the knowledge and trust to co-develop innovative ideas, driving our technical teams to explore the bravest solutions and create a quality finish in F1 which embodies our relentless pursuit of excellence.”

AkzoNobel’s new coating systems offer numerous performance and sustainability benefits, such as the latest UV curing primer technology, low film weight, a water-based color coat and super-fast clearcoat – all with significantly reduced emissions.The company’s Sikkens brand – a frontrunner in providing premium automotive paint solutions – has helped McLaren become a leader in the sustainability race for the new F1 season.

The two companies have been working closely together since 2008, when AkzoNobel first became the official supplier of paint solutions to the McLaren F1 team. McLaren has used AkzoNobel’s premium Sikkens brand for its F1 cars ever since.

During the coming season – which starts in Melbourne, Australia on March 25 – McLaren Racing engineers and AkzoNobel Research and Development chemists and technicians will continue to work closely together on further performance initiatives.

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