Jacqueline Oonincx

Technology Director Chlor-Alkali & Chloromethanes, the Netherlands

Hi. My name is Jacqueline Oonincx. I work for Industrial Chemicals, the Netherlands. I joined AkzoNobel back in 1987 as a research assistant working on paint technology, crystallization, mixing and modelling and stayed there until 1991. During that time, I combined my work with a part-time MSc in chemical technology at Twente University here in the Netherlands.


Over the last 25+ years, I have held a number of positions and have been involved in a broad spectrum of projects ranging from huge chlorine membrane electrolysis plants to implementing new technologies, leading a team of 35 R&D process technologists in combination with being the representative of the 300 people strong RD&I community in Deventer, leading the 100 people Strategic Research Group of the Business Area Specialty Chemicals, driving Engineering Excellence in the company combined with leading the 230 people strong Projects and Engineering organization worldwide. In that time, I have built up expertise in all the facets of process engineering from design to start-ups, engineering, technology and R&D, and I’ve learned leadership and people skills through a hands-on approach to the job.

It’s a career path that has prepared me well for the position I hold today and has enabled me to work and lead the technology program with people in different functional areas, backgrounds and nationalities. Without a doubt, it’s something I don’t think I would have been able to do 25 years ago. In that respect, I think AkzoNobel has helped me "manage" my career in a very natural and effective way and given me every opportunity to develop in both my area of expertise as a leader.

But I don’t think it’s been all work and no play. My big passion outside my work is training my two border collies to take part in agility dog sports. I’ve also made a niche for myself as a trainer and coach in the sport. It provides the perfect foil to the work I do at AkzoNobel and is an ideal way for me to express my creativity in a completely different world.